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About Us

As one of Raritan's largest partners in North America, the experts at have been providing Raritan solutions to enterprise organizations since 2004.  Our mission is to provide businesses with the best possible presales, purchase and engineering experience of Raritan's full product line.  Additionally, our professional services team offers onsite engineering services throughout the United States.

Our team of professionals specializes in providing our customers the best solutions for controlling and maximizing their rack power as well as server and serial device access.  The solutions we offer are used in leading data centers, internal labs, remote sites and branch offices throughout the world.

For qualified organizations, offers evaluation equipment for a comprehensive assessment within your network prior to purchase. To request an evaluation, please submit your request here. 

Used by top organizations like Adobe, Box, CISCO, eBay, LinkedIn, Microsoft and Twitter, Raritan is the industry leader in KVM over IP, intelligent PDUs, serial console servers, environmental monitoring, data center power management, and rackmount LED consoles.

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134 S Main St

Suite 220

Alpine, UT  84004

Business Hours M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, MST
Phone: 833-RARITAN (833-727-4826) ~ Fax: 801.374.0684 ~ Email: